Writer’s Block 2018 Cast List

Congratulations everyone! Cast A will perform the first weekend (May 12th and 13th) and Cast B will perform the second weekend (the 18th and 19th). I will post the link for an online copy of the script as soon as it is revised for this cast.

Cast A Cast B
1 Witch Haley Sammy
2 Red Ainsley Alanna
3 Daughter Lily Kay Sofia
4 King Liam Liam
5 Queen Amy Heidi
6 Jack Joshua Joshua
7 Princess Olivia B Arianna
8 Sherry Anaiah Mary
9 Jester Hadley Hadley
10 Wolf Chloe Chloe
11 Simon Gabriel Princeton
12 Mary Allie Sydney Linder
13 Lamb Khloe Jaden
14 Goldilocks Alaina Brooke
15 Piper Sydney Armor Lilly Riggs
16 Jill Christina Sydney J
17 Butcher Ryleigh Mika
18 Baker Megan Sage
19 CSM Allix Lindsey