Musical Theater Boot Camp

Musical Theater Boot Camp
Grades: 5-8
Instructor: Meredith Bennett
Dates: Thursdays- 8/8/2019, 8/15/2019, 8/22/2019, 8/29/2019, 9/5/2019, 9/12/2019, 9/19/2019
Time: 7:00 PM-7:55 PM
Location: 1610 Cobb International Blvd, Suite 1, 30152
Cost: $115

This is a class focusing on stage presence and technique. This will help students become confident in their acting abilities through singing, more competitive in auditions, and in better command of their space on stage.
In this class, we will focus on developing character, connecting to a scene partner, and telling a story through songs

Students receive a free YAP t-shirt that they can wear for the 15 minute Showcase for friends and family at our studio at 7:30 PM on the last day of class!