Mean Girls Video Production Class

Dates: Mondays, August 10th-August 31st
Time: 6:00 PM-8:00 PM
Class Size: 6-10
Grades: 6-8
Cost: $100

In a world where it would be unwise to assemble an audience of hundreds of people to watch our students perform in a musical, we are pleased to announce the Musical Theater Video Production Class. The theme for August is “Mean Girls!” Students will be asked to prepare a song from either “Mean Girls: the Musical” or “Heathers: the Musical.”

This class is a voice lesson, acting class, and video production all rolled into one. They work with our vocal and acting instructors to get their performance just right. Then they perform the song on video shot with state of the art video, sound, and lighting equipment. These videos are skillfully edited, and uploaded to our YouTube channel for you and your child to share with friends and family.

This class is offered in 4 week sessions.

1. Your child will be appearing on video for all the world to see! Please send them to class looking presentable.
2. If you have a costume your child would like to wear for their video,
3. Your child MUST KNOW THEIR SONG! We cannot teach them or film them if they are struggling with the music or lyrics.
please feel free to send it in with them.
4. Makeup isn’t necessary, but if your child would like to wear make, that will be fine.
5. Videos posted to our YouTube channel can be made public (everyone can search and find the video), unlisted (only people with the link can view the video), private (only specific YouTube account owners can view the video. The choice is yours.

Please register below and also make your payment by clicking HERE