Young Student Policy

A note about Kindergarteners and First Graders

We pride ourselves on being able to include students of all grade levels into our Drama Club. We believe that students can get a lot out of our program, and exposing them to theater at young age can help develop an appreciation for the arts.

Drama Club is not a good fit for children who have difficulty staying focused or who have a hard time following instructions. This type of behavior (which is VERY typical for Kindergarteners and First Graders) is disruptive to the Drama Club and can lead to problems. For example, if the students are supposed to be learning a dance for the play, but a child is spinning in circles, or pushing other kids, we have to stop our instruction to address this type of behavior.

If you would like your Kindergartener or First Grader to participate in Drama, we first need to work with them to find out if they have the correct temperament to be in a play. We can usually tell right away if a child is going to be a good fit for our program.

If you register your Kindergartener or First Grader we will need you to personally accompany them to the cafeteria for drama after school on the first day of drama. We will evaluate each child with a series of activities. If we think your child would do well in our program, we will add them to the official roster and they will be brought to drama after school on Mondays. If your child isn’t quite ready for Drama, we will let you know so you can enroll them in another after school program that may be better suited to their interest.

Kindergarteners and First Graders who come to the first day of Drama without a parent will be placed in ASP.

First Day of Drama for Kindergarteners and First Graders:
Cheatham Hill Elementary School- January 28th, 2019, 2:30 PM.
Vaughan Elementary School- January 17th, 2019, 2:30 PM.
Stonehaven- January 15th, 2019, 3:00 PM.