SCS Little Sea Witch

Young Actors Playhouse is accepting registration for the SCS production of “The Little Sea Witch!”

Fathoms below the sea, a young girl dreams of being liked and accepted by her classmates, but instead she is teased and bullied for looking different. Soon though, she discovers that she has magical abilities that no one else has, and the entire ocean comes to her to solve their problems with magic. After a terrible accident which takes the life of her best friend, she is banished by her brother to the deepest reaches of the ocean and must devise a way to free herself and restore the ocean to its former glory.

All students who register for this production will be accepted into the program. Due to the difficulty of this material, we are only accepting students ages 8-14. Students are expected to sign a contract and accept certain standards for behavior and commitment to this production.

Rehearsals will be at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School from 3:30-5:30 on Wednesdays and Fridays. Students in Praise Band are asked to split their time on Fridays. We will not have rehearsals on days in which there is no school. Rehearsals will be in the Cafeteria.

Tech Week is tentatively scheduled at our performance venue in Kennesaw for May 14th-17th immediately after school. Students will need to arrange their own transportation (car pools, etc).

Performances are tentatively scheduled May 18th and 19th, 2018.

The production fee is $75 per month with no additional costs associated with the production aside from ticket sales and personal costume pieces such as tights, leotards, and shoes. Production fees are due on the 24th of each month.

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