Vaughan Elementary Drama Club

We are excited to be offering our Drama Club at Vaughan Elementary School for the Winter/Spring of 2020!

“There’s something in the woods, and it don’t feel right!” Everyone in the village is worried! The moon is full, and the Big Bad Wolf is on the prowl. Meanwhile, Goldilocks is looking to stir up trouble. Little Red has a secret. Jack is tending to his flock of sheep, and Sherry the Sheep yearns to find out what life is like outside the meadow. 

This hilarious musical is filled with exciting chase scenes, unforgettable characters, and toe-tapping songs. There are roles for students with tons of experience and roles for students just starting out.

Registration ends on January 16th. We must submit our roster to the Vaughan Foundation on January 16th, and no new students will be added after that time under any circumstances. Vaughan Foundation is also requesting that we limit our registration to only 30 students. We had 42 kids in “Jungle Book!” So get your registration information into us right away!

There is a non-refundable $75  production fee required for all students who wish to perform in the play. This goes to cover the costs of backstage supervision, costume pieces, technical staff, show tee-shirts, professional headshots, and two tickets to the play. The $75 production fee is included in the first month’s payment. If you child will not actually be performing in the play, they do not need to pay the production fee, however they will not receive a tee shirt, headshot, or tickets to the play.  NOTE: WE WILL WAIVE THE $75 PRODUCTION FEE IF YOU MAKE FULL PAYMENT BEFORE DECEMBER 16th.

We realize that parents want their children to have a memorable, educational, and enriching experience in their after school program. Some parents don’t want their children to be saddled with additional responsibilities while others want to see their children shine on stage. We can accommodate both. Please let us know in the registration form what level of commitment you are willing to accept for your child’s involvement in this production. The description of each level is listed below:

  • Drama Club- (full payment- $200, $50 per month). Grades K-2. Students will participate in the show, but not be given any lines to memorize. We play drama games and explore how to tell a story with body language and facial expressions. This is a fun, after-school activity that shouldn’t require any pressure. Perfect for grades K-2! Drama Club Meets on Thursdays 2:15 PM – 3:15 PM. First class is January 23rd. Please read this important information if your child is in Kindergarten or First Grade.
  • Rising Star- (full payment- $260, $65 per month). Grades 3-5. Students will participate in the show, and might be given a role that has lines that will need to be memorized. Parents will be expected to help their children learn their lines immediately. Perfect for kids who are new to theater, but want a challenge. Rising Stars meet on Thursdays from 2:15 PM – 4:15 PM. First class is January 23rd, 2020.
  • Super Star- (full payment, $300, $75 per month) Grades 3-5. Students will participate in the show, and might be given main character roles that have many lines and songs. Parents will be expected to help their children learn their lines immediately, and commit to making sure the students remember their lines and songs until the performance. This is for our advanced students with experience on stage. Super Stars meet on Mondays and Thursdays 2:15 PM – 4:15 PM. First class is January 23rd

Strictly from a per-instructional-hour perspective, our prices are lower than most every other club offered. Putting on a full scale musical with children is extremely expensive, requiring uHaul trucks, expensive equipment, tons of supervision, and college-trained instructors.

Please review our Student Behavior Policies.

Our Drama Club is packed full of activities to prepare the kids for their performance of “The Big Bad Wolf.”  The show is full of memorable songs and hilarious characters!

Saturday, May 16th. Time is yet to be determined. This is a full-scale production, complete with lighting, costumes, sets, wireless microphones, and an auditorium that seats over 400 people. It is a BIG DEAL!