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This year, we are renting rooms at the Hampton Inn and Suites. It is a 7 minute walk to the Cobb Galleria. The walk is VERY SAFE! About 2 minutes of walking on a sidewalk, 4 minutes walking over a pedestrian footbridge across 285, and 1 minute walking through the Cobb Galleria parking lot. No crossing any streets. I went and scouted everything, and it’s pretty ideal.

We would like to rent suites that can sleep 5 people. I went and looked at the suites, and they are great. There’s a living room/kitchen area with a soda bed to sleep two. Then there’s a bedroom that can sleep 3.

The plan is to rent enough rooms for the kids to sleep on Saturday night. This would allow us to use the room Saturday evening to change clothes and relax a little bit before the evening events start. We’ll rent one room for Sunday night that everyone can use to freshen up and relax throughout the day.

We need $100 per student who intends on spending the night on Saturday night. Chaperones don’t need to pay anything for their hotel accommodations provided they will be sleeping in the room with 4 kids.

The nice thing about JTF being at the Cobb Galleria is that the kids don’t necessarily HAVE to spend the night, but based off of our experience last year, it would have been really nice to have a place to go and relax between JTF activities rather than sit on the floor in the Galleria. That became unpleasant after a while.

So, we need you to go to the Sign Up Genius right now and let us know if your child will be spending the night so we can start organizing sleeping arrangements. You’ll have several options:

1. My child would prefer to stay in a room without an adult (for the older kids).

2. My child is allowed to stay in a room without an adult.

3. My child may only stay in a room with an adult.

4. My child will not be spending the night at all.

5. I am a chaperone and will be staying the night.

I need to hear back from all 34 kids, unless you have already paid for your child’s hotel.

Please RSVP at: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/805094eabac2fa02-jtfhotel

You can pay for your child’s hotel room (if you haven’t already) at: https://squareup.com/store/young-actors-playhouse

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  1. Denise Blevins says:

    I believe I paid for Anna Blevins’ hotel. I am not able to chaparone. If I have not paid for her hotel please let me know.

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