JTF Monthly Payment Policies

All students who are on a monthly payment plan must be enrolled in our automatic payment system. Your credit/debit card will be charged each month for your child’s production fees.

When you register your child, you will be emailed an invoice. Please be sure to check your spam folder, especially if you have a gmail account. Open the email and click on “Pay Invoice.” You can then enter your card information.

There is a check box that says “Save my Card on File with Young Actors Playhouse.” Check that box. Your card will be automatically run on the 14th of each month until December 14th. If you do not check this box, you will run the risk of incurring a $10 late fee.

Payments made after the 14th of each month will incur a $10 late fee.

If your card is declined, please make arrangements to pay immediately to avoid late fees.

If your payment falls behind more than 2 weeks, your child will not be allowed to participate in JTF Troupe rehearsals or performances. Your child will wait in the lobby for you to come pick them up, and will only be able to resume JTF Troupe after payments are up to date.

These policies are in place because we are drama teachers, not bill collectors. With over 500 students enrolled in our drama programs across Cobb County, we would rather be teaching and inspiring our students, rather than chasing parents down for payment. Without these production fees, we can’t pay our directors, buy costumes, or build sets.