JTF Troupe

What is the JTF Troupe?
The JTF Troupe is a group of experienced YAP students who have demonstrated exceptional talent and dedication in the performing arts. They are great actors and actresses with phenomenal singing and dancing skills as well.

What does the JTF Troupe do?
JTF Troupe performs in several musical theater productions throughout the year. These shows have higher production budgets than introductory YAP shows, and involve more rehearsals and training.

2016- The Little Mermaid, Jr
2017- “The Little Sea Witch
2017- The Lion King, Jr
2017- Annie Jr
2017- A Christmas Carol
2018- Seussical, Jr
2018- Junie B. Jones: The Musical, Jr
2018- The Little Mermaid, Jr

In addition, JTF Troupe performs at festivals all over Georgia, including the Junior Theater Festival held each January at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta.

How can my child join the JTF Troupe?
The JTF Troupe is by audition only, and only members of YAP Company and YAP Jr. Company may audition.  If your child would like to audition for YAP Company or Jr. Company CLICK HERE. JTF Troupe Auditions will be Saturday, August 17th at 10:00 AM.

What is involved in JTF Troupe?
Students in the JTF Troupe are required to rehearse 6 hours or more each week. They are drilled in dance, vocal technique, and acting. JTF Troupe is for students who have a passion for theater and can perform a variety of roles. Students are expected to commit for 6 months of training, putting their rehearsals and classes above other extracurricular activities. Most students in JTF Troupe have been with YAP for more than 2 years.

Why should my child join the JTF Troupe?
The JTF Troupe is designed to give rigorous training to our students. Students learn a variety of vocal technique and dance styles. Students are taught by experienced industry professionals. In addition, the students are in a class of other students who are also gifted performers as well. This combination creates a perfect environment for turning your child into a powerhouse performer.

Please register to audition below. We will email you more detailed information regarding scheduling and financial commitment.