Big Bad Wolf Songs

Instrumental Version:

  1. Prologue Part 1– Butcher, Baker, CSM, Little Red
  2. Prologue Part 2– Butcher, Baker, CSM, Goldilocks
  3. Prologue Part 3– Butcher, Baker, CSM, Mary, Little Lamb, Everyone
  4. Money (male version)– The Wolf
  5. Money (female version)– The Wolf
  6. Another Sunny Day in the Meadow/Where All The Birds Fly– Jack, Sheep, Sherry
  7. Another Sunny Day in the Meadow- NO SHEEP DANCE VERSION
  8. Best Friends– Goldilocks
  9. What Are You Afraid Of – The Witch
  10. There’s a World Out There– Sherry
  11. There’s a World Out There (reprise)– Sherry
  12. Who Am I Now– Little Red
  13. Wolf Land– The Wolf
  14. Wolf Land– The Wolf (Male Version)
  15. The Witch and Red– Witch and Red
  16. The Witch– Goldilocks
  17. Free– Mary, Little Lamb, Sherry
  18. Normal Isn’t Anywhere– Little Red, The Witch
  19. Who Am I Now (reprise)– Little Red
  20. Maybe Being Lonely– Sherry, Little Red, Everyone

Vocal Tracks
1. Prologue Part 1 (Butcher Baker CSM Little Red)
2. Prologue Part 2 (Goldilocks, Butcher, Baker, CSM)
3. Prologue Part 3 (Butcher, Baker, CSM, Mary, Lamb, Everyone)
4. Money (Adult Male Version)
5. Money, Female Version
6. Another Sunny Day in the Meadow

8. Best Friends
9. There’s a World Out There
10. There’s a World out There Rerpise
11. Who Am I Now
12. Wolf-Land. Female
13. The Witch and Red
14. The Witch

15. Free

16. Normal Isn’t Anywhere

18. Maybe Being Lonely