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Student Behavior Policies

Students enrolled in our Drama Club are expected to have exemplary behavior. Here’s why:

We have over 50 students enrolled in our program and will be performing in an actual play. Each students needs to be able to think for themselves and play their part in the show. If a student is constantly disrupting the rehearsals by talking or distracting other students, it diminishes the quality of the final production.

Drama is a good fit for:
Students who love performing on stage.
Students who can follow instructions.
Students who stay silent while other students are rehearsing.
Students who love to learn new songs and dances.

Drama is NOT a good fit for:
Students who have difficulty following instructions.
Students who are talkative.
Students who are easily distracted.
Student who need to wind-down after a long school day.

The school day is long. A student who might normally do well in drama might have a harder time adjusting to our program immediately after school. We do have other drama programs at our own facility in Kennesaw in which students do very well because there is normally a 2-3 hour break for them between school and drama.

Our rules:
1. Please don’t speak while the director is speaking.
2. Eating is not allowed after snack time is over. Snack time ends when drama begins.
Students who break rules 1 and 2 will be given a time out. They will be placed in another part of the rehearsal space where they can reconsider their behavior.

3. Stay in the designated rehearsal space. Children may not leave the room without being accompanied by a director.
4. Don’t touch anything that doesn’t belong to you, including other people.
5. Drama is not a playground. There is no running, jumping, chasing, hitting, throwing, catching, kicking, climbing, swinging, or crawling of any type unless it is specifically part of their performance. This behavior is typical of younger students, however it is not appropriate for drama.
Students who break rules 3, 4, and 5 will be removed from our drama program immediately. These rules are in place to keep our students safe, and students who break these rules are at high risk of being injured or injuring another student. Student safety is our highest priority. If you don’t think your child can reliably follow rules 3, 4, and 5, please do not register them for drama at this time.