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Studio Production Policies

We, at Young Actor’s Playhouse, truly believe in the success and ability of each student. In order to best push and sculpt our students to be the performers they were always meant to be!

All parents will sign off on these policies at the beginning of each production so please read closely.

1. Unexcused Absences. All absences should be submitted during the audition process. Any absences submitted after the production has been cast will not be permitted and seen as unexcused absences. The first unexcused absence will be forgiven, no questions asked. This is to be used as a mental health day, family day, etc. The second unexcused absence will require an email from the parents and an approval by the production director in order for the student to return to rehearsals. The third unexcused absence will result in the student being removed from the production. No refunds will be issued regardless of how far along in the production the student is. The parents will still be responsible for all production expenses originally stated.

2. Production Fees. All production fees will be stated in the beginning of a production. Families will have the option of paying the production fee up front in full or by our payment plan.

3. Payment Plan. Payment plans are open to all families for any production. Payments will be made on a monthly basis and must be sent through our Payment Portal by the 14th of each month. If your payment is missing by the 14th, you will have until the end of the month to pay it. If your payment is not made by the end of the month, your student will be removed from the production. There will be no refund.

4. COVID-19 Absences. Please see our COVID-19 page to see how we are keeping all students safe at Young Actor’s Playhouse. In regards to absences due to exposure or quarantining, these will be permitted with an email from the parent BEFORE rehearsal. Students will be expected to join rehearsals via Zoom as long as they themselves are not ill.

5. Food. Food, snacks, and any drinks besides water are not permitted in the YAP Studio. If a student has been at the studio longer than 4 hours, they are permitted to bring a snack and will be expected to properly dispose of their trash.

6. Rehearsal Etiquette. Students are expected to not only respect all staff but also their peers working with them. There will be no talking, phones, or singing along when someone else is working onstage. Students are expected to bring proper dance attire, shoes, and their scripts with them to every rehearsal. If a student repeatedly shows up without these things, it will be at the discretion of the director to possibly remove them from dance numbers and/or scenes.

7. Bullying. We love and cherish our students and we expect that they will treat each other with the same love and respect. No mocking, mimicking, or bullying will be tolerated from any student at any time. We expect that if we need to confront the parents with this issue they will confront their student immediately.

8. Parent Involvement/Meetings. At YAP, we are so blessed to have so many very talented and generous parents. While we do not expect parents to be directly involved in our production, we always welcome eager volunteers! We do require a parent meeting at the beginning of our production and two weeks before tech week.

We are at Young Actor’s Playhouse because we are truly passionate about the artistic future of every child who walks through our doors. We do, however, know that the best productions happen when parents and staff are all on the same page. We look forward to working with your student and you!