The Stonehaven School

We are excited to be offering our Drama Club at The Stonehaven School for the Winter/Spring of 2018!

Our next play will be Back to the Beanstalk!

Jack’s village has been overrun with rats and mice. In order to be able to afford to pay the Piper to rid his house of the rats, Jack is forced to sell his beloved cow, PC. Tempted by his curiosity, Jack trades away his cow for beans which grow into a giant beanstalk! Find out what’s waiting up in the sky when  Jack goes “Back to the Beanstalk!”

Back to the Beanstalk is an original musical written by Young Actors Playhouse Artistic Director, Don Goodner. It features tons of memorable characters, an exciting story, and catchy music. It has been performed all over the country, and is one of our most popular shows. It is specifically written and designed to help students become better actors.

This a full length production performed at one of the nearby middle schools. We use professional stage lighting, wireless mics, costumes, sets, and props!

Drama Club will begin on Tuesday, January 15th and our performance will be on April 27th.

We realize that parents want their children to have a memorable, educational, and enriching experience in their after school program. Some parents don’t want their children to be saddled with additional responsibilities while others want to see their children shine on stage. We can accommodate both. Please let us know in the registration form what level of commitment you are willing to accept for your child’s involvement in this production. The description of each level is listed below:

Drama Club- ($50 per month). Grades K-5 Students will participate in the show, but not be given any lines to memorize. This is a fun, after-school activity that shouldn’t require any pressure. Perfect for grades K-2! Drama Club Meets on Fridays 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM. First class is January 18th.

Super Star- ($75 per month) Grades 3-8. Students will participate in the show, and might be given main character roles that have many lines and songs. Parents will be expected to help their children learn their lines immediately, and commit to making sure the students remember their lines and songs until the performance. This is for our advanced students with experience on stage. Super Stars meet on Tuesdays and Fridays 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM.

Our Drama Club is packed full of activities to prepare the kids for their performance in April. We spend our classes teaching the students performing arts skills, rehearsing the play, playing games, and developing their confidence and talents.

All students are accepted into the Drama Club, but not everyone will necessarily have lines or a song, based on their abilities and experience.

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