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Lion King CHES

Tune Up The Circle of Life (accompaniment) Into Scar’s Cave Grassland Chant (vocal) Return to Scar’s Cave Out Little Secret (vocal) Lioness Hunt (vocal) I Just Can’t Wait to be King (accompaniment) Elephant Graveyard Scar Enters Be Prepared (accompaniment) Nightfall They Live in You (not in CHES) Into the Gorge The Stampede (accompaniment) The Mourning (accompaniment) Into the Desert (accompaniment) […]

Frozen Songs

Vocal Track 01 Let the Sun Shine On 04 A Little Bit Of You 05 First Joik 08 Do You Wanna Build a Snowman 10 For the First Time in Forever 12 Dangerous to Dream 14 Love is An Open Door 16 Reindeers are Better than People 18 In Summer 20 Hygge 22 Let It Go 25 For The First […]

Hamilton Camp Registration Information

Thank you for registering your child for “Hamilton Camp!” Please take the time to download the following forms. Please print and return the Camper Information Form when you bring your child to camp on the first day. http://youngactorsplayhouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Hamilton-Camp-Handbook-2019.pdf http://youngactorsplayhouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Camper-Information-Form.pdf http://youngactorsplayhouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/prescription-medication-authorization.pdf We are limiting this particular camp to 20 students, and we expect to sell out, like we did last year. […]

The Stonehaven School

We are excited to be offering our Drama Club at The Stonehaven School for the Winter/Spring of 2018! Our next play will be Back to the Beanstalk! Jack’s village has been overrun with rats and mice. In order to be able to afford to pay the Piper to rid his house of the rats, Jack is forced to sell his beloved […]

JBJ Rehearsal Tracks

VOCAL Version Top Secret Personal Beeswax Playoff School Bell Lucille Camille Chanille Post Lucille Camille Chanille Playoff Horn Honk You Can Be My Friend Playoff School Bell Time to Make a Drawing You Need Glasses Show and Tell Post Show and Tell Shoobee Doo Bop Lunch Box Glady Gutzman Boss of Lunch Underscore Beeswax Cookie Reprise Kickball Tournament You Can’t […]

JTF 2019 Hotel and Chaperoning Preference

As of right now, we are planning to stay overnight (Saturday January 19th) down at the Cobb Galleria area for our JTF experience. There is a possibility that we will also stay Friday night, and I’ll let you know immediately if that’s the case. If we do stay Friday night as well, there will be no additional costs for the […]

101 Accompaniment

2. Dalmatian Conga 4. Thunderbolt  5. Canine Crunchies 7. Cruella DeVil 9. Cruella’s Scheme 11. Kanine Krunchies Reprise 12. The Fur Vault 13. Twilight Bark 16. My Beautiful Coat 17. The Chase 18. Dalmatian Plantation